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Let’s make the necessary changes to will the successes we are due. Let’s remember to balance and try out every possibility that presents itself to us. All the opportunities that show up, only show up because we’ve prayed, meditated, read about, watched, talked about, listened to, or experienced something in relationship to that “thing” which has presented itself. Experience joy, happines, and learn to develop your families’ well being with this new basic program!!! A 4 step plan, if implemented correctly, can change your life for the best!! Try it now by submitting your $9.99 payment via paypal to – the package will arrive via email within 48 hrs +++++
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Everyday is as big of a challenge as we perceive it to be………everyday the choice on how to perceive belongs to me…….and as I live my life I choose to continue on and trust that for every reason in the world I should LOVE, it’s the only thing that is really…..FREE. How relative is perception? Have you ever wondered why you feel about things the way you do? Why you perceive things a certain way that others do not? It all goes back to your upbringing, yes, how you were taught to see certain things and situations and how you saw people react stored in your mind and subconscious evaluative information and the outcome for you to refer to in the future. You go to a class you’ve never been to, you took lots of notes to refer back to, this is the same concept. If you are unhappy or just cannot determine how to feel about certain things, I encourage you to establish new thinking and perception patterns for some of the situations that challenge you the most; spiritually, financially, phisically or emotionally. You need to take notes on how you feel and why you feel the way you do and learn to redirect your emotions regarding that challenge. Once evaluated you can determine the outcome by asking yourself what you can do in order to fix this reaction, whether it’s instant or one that gradually affects you in an unpleasant way.

Whatever you’re great at is what you should be doing. This is where your gift is……if you love it! Look for the opportunities that constantly keep coming up even when they don’t make sense. Most of the things that we are supposed to have in life make the least sense but yet there we are trying to make logic out of everything we do. If you’re gifted in a certain area you will “JUST KNOW.” Knowing is not the final action to take, once you know you should envision yourself doing this, then share it with people that are only in a supportive mindset. After you consistently do that make sure you make a plan that you wholeheartedly believe without trying to put limitations on yourself. We live our lives according to our conditioning growing up and even on a normal state during that time we would never notice what happened to us. Do you remember that exhilarating feeling that you would get when you did something as a kid that brought lots of reward? When you excelled in academics, sports, music, writing, etc? You wanted to do these certain types of things but someone changed you, they changed the way you saw things………….! Now is the time for you to take your life back and choose to do what you love, that one thing that brings the most reward….. regardless of what people say, regardless of your age, or responsibilities, you can do what you love and get the most out of it in every single way and still be able to provide, help, support, and involve yourself in all of your priorities. Believe you can and you will…’s a different kind of  “BELIEVE”  though….. it’s the “BELIEVE” that requires “ACTION.” You know, those little steps that you take to reach your life purpose…? Do it today, start now, every thing that surrounds us is the result of our thoughts……yes, the result of our thoughts. Believe and begin your most exciting journey today: TRIUMPHNOW!


Here it is! The opportunity to show the world what life is about. From those who know me to those who I’ll never meet but encourage and support via these posts.  I have been planing for this for a long time and am very excited that I’ve finally done it.  I teach workshops and encourage people daily. It’s about giving and connecting with individuals at levels so deep that they can light up their insides to accomplish those goals. My goal here is to give insights and teach people that everything that they need is within because we are ONE WITH THE KING AND THE KING IS EVERYTHING. Where are you mentally and spiritually right now? Are you really successful in all areas, or just in one…..or two? What is true success? Is it open to interpretation?


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